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Public Policy Leader

Independent Candidate
2020 U.S. Senate Special Election In Georgia

Regardless of partisan conflict, I have the credibility over the past thirty years as a public policy leader with
a balanced approach
to events, situations and issues.

Predatory Violence Prevention  


Small Business Economic Development


 Financial Management Literacy


Human Rights Protection


Environmental Public Engagement


U.S. Public Policy Leader


As a public policy leader, I impact balanced access to public policy in Georgia, the Southeast region of our nation, and beyond the U.S.

As an American business man, I interact with the data that shows partisan conflict creates more economic uncertainty, delays in investment, and consumer spending slowdown.

The future of Georgia deserves an independent, competitive road to economic stability.

It is critical that we have the right candidate --

and the right leadership.

-- Al Bartell
Independent Candidate
2020 U.S. Senate Special Election in Georgia


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